Born and raised in Hong Kong.

Currently in Melbourne.

I love designing, and I love coding.

I always thought I would be working in the business field, just like most people in Hong Kong. That’s why I pursued a Bachelor's degree in Real Estate from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, preparing myself for my first job in the business industry.

However, during my undergraduate studies, influenced by my siblings who are now working in the IT industry, I took my first C++ programming course and found it incredibly fascinating. That's when I began my journey in programming and eventually minored in Computer Science. After discovering this exciting field, I decided to continue pursuing my studies in the IT industry. That's why I am currently studying for a Master of IT degree, majoring in Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Melbourne.

Apart from coding, I enjoy designing and creating digital illustrations during my leisure time. This interest is one of the reasons I chose Human-Computer Interaction as my major. My aim is to become a UI/UX designer to satisfy my passion for coding and designing.

I have recently completed projects on designing a location-based alarm mobile app to help sleepy passengers wake up just before their desired station and also a VR controller for enhanced haptic feedback. Feel free to check them out in the Work Section!

I’m always open to collaboration. Reach out and let’s chat!"


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